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Vampire Diaries: Tapping.

That's it, I can't watch it anymore. Tapping out of Vampire Diaries, it's not that I hate it but it's just boring and I just can't give a damn about any of the characters anymore.

Haven - Obsessed
Cute - Moose!
You know you're obsessed with a show when you have dreams about a spin-off.

I dreamt Audrey was a jockey on a show called Thiden March (the name of her horse BTW), it felt like it was the cycle before Sarah, so in the 20's? I remember something went wrong with the race and there was the trinity (but instead of Duke & Nathan, it was two women) and the three of them giving death glares to a dodgy owner.

And I remember the credits featuring 3x Nathan Wuornos and James Cogan so my dream self did a dance of joy, but dammit, I woke up before they showed up.

Oh and it had the lady that played Calamity Jane in Deadwood.


But I actually googled it when I woke up to make sure it only existed in my head.

Audrey: I love her sense of style.
Calvin & Hobbs - Be Cool

Not since Aeryn Sun have I wanted a character's wardrobe so much. I love how practical her wardrobe is, no running after the Troubles in stilettos and tiny dresses thank you very much (her birthday doesn't count because it was the doppelgänger).

This is one of my favourite tops. I totally ordered it as a Christmas present to myself and it was delivered today! I won't lie, when the receptionist rang I may have squeed and skipped my way upstairs to collect it.

Now all I need is to find a Nathan to go with this outfit.

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The Wuornos/Parker Family
Cute - Moose!

Wow, the Wuornos/Parker family is so epically dysfunctional.

Spoilers for 3x12& 3x13Collapse )

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Haven: Reunion
Haven - Think Alike

Thank you Baby Jesus!!! The last two eps are on iTunes, just finished watching Reunion and *flail*

Must. Watch. Again (while waiting for ep 13 to download).

I love Nathan so much right now. Seriously. I just read something about people forming parasocial attachments to fictional characters, reacting to them as if they were real. Yep, totally feeling that right now.


Avatar - Sokka Facepalm

Boo. The Reunion ep of Haven isn't playing on 13th Street. The web TV Guide lied!!


Wait a minute. Where did all those years go?
Haven - Think Alike
Wait. Ben Browder is 50?! Seriously? How long ago was Farscape? Holy crap it's been 13 years.

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Secret Shame - Hart of Dixie
Pixar - For the Birds
Damn you show, you are cheesy as all heck and in no way does Rachel Bilson make a believable doctor but you managed to trick me into marathoning 8 eps in one afternoon.

I blame it on Wade and his shirtlessness. Damn my weakness.

Though I don't know why people think he's the bad boy. Sure he sleeps around a lot but he's got a steady job, helps out a lot with the community events and sings his daddy off the roof every month. He really is a sweet heart.

Dear gods I'm looking for fic.

Ack! Fate has forced me to make a move
Once Upon - Charming Snow Green
Alas, I lost my layout.

I thought it was just Livejournal being Livejournal but no, I forgot that I uploaded the css script to my ISP files and when I changed ISP I forgot to back it up.

Well on the bright side I get to update it, as much as I loved my Elizabeth theme I think it was time for a change. Perhaps a Snow White/Prince Charming?

Now all I have to do is brush up on my Photoshop skills and remember how to do write css. It is css right?

Oh this is going to be interesting.

I hate that smirk.
BSG - Counting
Is anybody else watching The Mentalist hoping for someone to put Patrick Jane in his place. He was charming at first but now he's so self righteous and obnoxious and I want someone to wipe that smug look off his face.