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Wait a minute. Where did all those years go?
Haven - Think Alike
Wait. Ben Browder is 50?! Seriously? How long ago was Farscape? Holy crap it's been 13 years.

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I KNOW RIGHT? When I saw this on FB, I was like: WAIT! WHAT?

It completely blows my mind that I was still in high school when it started.

Googling recent photos of him (ugly western porn-stache aside), he's still looking pretty good.

No. No no no no no no no...

Is that no to Ben being 50? Or Farscape being 13 years ago?


I feel old.

No lie, my initial response was, 'SHUT THE FUCK UP!', followed by, 'that can't be right.'

That was my exact reaction as well! Then it reminds me that Firelfy was 10 years ago. And Stargate started 15 years ago.

Omg... that means The X Files was nearly 20 years ago!

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