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Haven - Obsessed
Cute - Moose!
You know you're obsessed with a show when you have dreams about a spin-off.

I dreamt Audrey was a jockey on a show called Thiden March (the name of her horse BTW), it felt like it was the cycle before Sarah, so in the 20's? I remember something went wrong with the race and there was the trinity (but instead of Duke & Nathan, it was two women) and the three of them giving death glares to a dodgy owner.

And I remember the credits featuring 3x Nathan Wuornos and James Cogan so my dream self did a dance of joy, but dammit, I woke up before they showed up.

Oh and it had the lady that played Calamity Jane in Deadwood.


But I actually googled it when I woke up to make sure it only existed in my head.


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